Live and laugh and love life.

Rejoice, for it is the season, it is the time. The old has gone and with the tide the new is being brought in. New life, new sounds, new beings, new things. It is all about what we don't have and what is yet to come. Sing along to a happy song, spin around, jump up and down. Smile as bright as the sun and laugh a hearty laugh. Today is the day when troubles no longer exist and the world is at peace. Sporadic insight, how wonderful! What a delight it is to be here, to live, to exist. The simple pleasures are life's greatest pleasures, do not take them for granted as so many have done in the past. Live and laugh and love life.

This is what perfection feels like.


Feel the beating of the drums.

What a fool, what a tool. An alias to disguise the truth. I say it is so, you follow through - we all go through with it - why? To put yourself in the position to be stabbed in the back and to be torn from the inside out - why? A question too profound to be answered by even the most highest ranking geniuses. But I say, why not? To sacrifice everything for that one moment of glory, happiness, true joy - love - why not? Over-empowering and omnipresent, we all live for that one moment in our lives where we can reach out and grab it. And in that one moment, nothing else matters, no one else matters but yourself, you and I. And even though you live to be a hundred and three, the physical deteriorated and the body but a vegetable, the heart still beats on in rememberance, forever, forever.