Reality sets in.

This is it. The end, the beginning, the new, the old. Everything mixed into one, can you hear my heart beating fast, fast, faster? Emotions tumbling out and excitement bubbling over, I am over elated.

Infidelity. I take a stand, I start a riot, "Don't take it, don't take it!" Be true, be faithful, be good, be strong. But oh, what have I done, what have I done! I am weak, very weak - I was so strong before, before all of this happened, before all of him happened. Is he worth the price? It is a lie, we are a lie. A little BIG white lie, a little this, a lot of that. It would have never ended this way, or started this way for that matter. I blame it on her, am I being fair? I've always blamed it on the other girl, it was never really his fault. It's debatable, but for the most part, it's the girl, always the girl. I can be the girl, the good, the bad, the naughty, the innocent; all of the above. But I wasn't, I was her. I don't know how to express myself properly and I know I am not making sense. But for you, to you, you know exactly what I'm saying. Tell me that I'm okay, tell me that I am good, tell me that I am right, tell me something, anything. Supress it, reject it, ignore it, love it. I can't help it.