My heart aches for you.

Early was the morn, flowers filled with dew. Softly as a child born in natural rain, I predict the seasons to go unchanged. Warm was the sun that covered my body so. Reminded me of you, as I’d first known. Those were the days, the days that changed my life and made me new. As the sun shined down on me, I know with you in love is where I wanna be. Sometimes, I go on through life, thinking that love is something that’s not meant for me. Sometimes in life you run across a love unknown. Without a reason, it seems like you belong. Hold on Dear Life, don’t go off running from what’s new.

Tears of sorrow, tears of pain. Tears that fell with no one to wipe them away. My heart shattered into pieces as I reached out to try to touch you, to hold you, to feel you. But I could not, I could not. I sat there crying because that was all I could do for you. I closed my eyes and saw the hurt on your face, I drew closer to you and I could feel the guilt. I only wish to be a better person to you, because in reality I am not the one who deserves more. I made my promises and I am to keep them, to be there no matter what happens, through thick and thin, through the good and the bad. And I am not going to leave, no matter how much you try and push me away to find a better person to be with. You have done what no one else was willing to do for me, you have given me what no one else was willing to give me. You showed me what love was, you opened up doors and windows and showed me horizons that I'd never thought I'd see. I became someone when I found you. And I hope that one day you will learn to change, and learn to see yourself as who I see you to be. But until that day I will sit here waiting for you, always, always.

I became somebody through loving you.