Dead silent.

When the words aren't spoken, when the efforts aren't put in, when the feelings aren't flowing, what are you to do?

I'm sitting, and I'm waiting.

Waiting for the words that won't be there.
Waiting for the efforts that I don't see.
Waiting for the feelings I don't feel.

So let's turn the tables and play it your way. I won't speak, I won't try, I won't feel. And let's see what you do, how you take it, how this all plays out.

There were times when I believed everything that was told to me. But time has shown that those words were empty and cold, and there were no intentions behind them to begin with. Oh, the ever failing trust in humanity.

I refuse to be just another girl used as a stepping stone towards self-righteousness. I stand on my own. Tease me and taunt me, I will not be phased. This girl has her eyes set on what she wants and nothing is going to get in the way.

And in time, maybe you will feel the way I feel. Maybe then you'll begin to understand who I really am, and how I played you as a fool.