There are times in life when life itself is moving too fast for you to keep pace with, and it is at times like these that you wish you could just slow down the world, take your time and set life in slow motion. It is also at these most crucial points in life where you choose to not follow in the hustle and bustle of those around you but instead to walk aimlessly, observing rather than pursuing.

In retrospect, I guess I've seen it all, done it all. I've been ahead of the crowd, leading and setting the pace. I've been in the crowd, following, going where my front, back, left and right took me. I've been behind the crowd, running to catch up, stopping for breath, trying to push my way in. But really, what good does it do, to be first, middle, or last? Is there any glory in being the leader or the follower? I'd much prefer to let the crowd pass me, with all its entirety a good distance away. Because what follows is a peace that transcends anything, everything. The knowledge that life has moved on past you, the knowledge that you are able to stand alone, unbothered and infinitesimal in a world so big, the knowledge that you can live your life the way you want it, the knowledge that nothing can come between you and yourself ... it is one in million.

It is sad to see how many people have thrown away the opportunity to actually live. Most don't even realize that it has come and gone. But for those who are able to capture it - it is where life truly begins.