Lost in the music.

Baby, baby, don't be late, the world is ending and I can't change the way I feel about you now, New York is cold as ever.
But still I go out every night, and hide myself among the lights, bathe in all the pretty things the city brings.
The bodies glisten and they shine, and like the stars we're born to die, like these roses we all will fade.

Baby, baby, please don't cry, wipe the guilt out from your eyes. Leave your conscience on the bed, there's no one innocent here.
In the mirror you'll find faith, plastic flowers never fade, but we all turn to grey.
I'm counting the cars on the freeway below, lost in the music. All the foolishness of our lives speeding out of control, I'm lost in the music, the music.

E D I T [11.24pm] ;

beach beach beach beach beach! i want to drink in the sunshine forever and ever. the weather is absolutely fantastical. give me my summer now, please!