Complex minds amaze me. But what is truly astonishing, what I was so blinded to before but so understanding to now [not fully, but through some means, closer than I've ever been], is the power in which they can work, for both the good and the bad. And, I say, along with complexity often comes confusion. Confusion of the sorts in which nothing seems to fit together, or confusion at times when good is bad and bad is good [the world has flipped upside-down]. The two come hand in hand, one never without the other [it is rare to find that confusion does not follow complexity, or vice versa - though, at times, one may be a little bit behind in time].

I hope to not sound quite so negative all the time. Complexity [if it falls into the hands of the right person, mind you], can be quite a great reward. But in the reaches of the wrong person, however right the person may seem, it is not so much a blessing in disguise. Words are merely words - delve a little deeper. It is hard to fully grasp the true meanings and intentions of such convoluted minds, such intricate powers. I presume I am one of the few who would give half of what I know just to be able to understand a fraction of it, in its entirety. But what do I know. I am, afterall, just another naive human being on the face of the earth.

Infidelity. Indispicable, indescribable infatuation, immensely insignificant, irresistably intriguing. Involuntary, inarguable infuriation. Indefinitely infinite. Insanity.

Ps. Fuck it all, fuck you all. A couple more months of bullshit and I'm through with it. Out with the old, the regrets of the past, in with the new, hope for the future. Be strong.