It took me by storm.

A fairytale world of beauty and love. What is beauty, what is love? The sky, the birds, the trees, the sun, the flowers, the rainbows, the people. I'm told it goes further than what you and I can see. A little deeper. A little more ... no, still more. Somewhere there? Who's to say how, or who, or what? Not you, and certainly not me. Still they [or more correctly, we] search until it is "found". Not knowing why, not knowing much of anything, really. Just a continual hunt for something that doesn't exist. Or does it? Some call it pessimism, or cynicism, or ignorance. Me? I call it knowledge. A knowledge that surpasses those with the glaze in their eyes, blinded to everything around them, or those who are madly infatuated with someone of the opposite [or same, if it suites you] gender, and even those who find it a dire need to have people constantly around. A knowledge that rises above those with the highest intelligence quotients, and those who seem to know it all, those who don't know it all, those who pretend to know it all, and those who know nothing. A knowledge known only by me, for me, to me, and no other. A knowledge that comes through wisdom, experience, and the constant ramblings [from here to there, at random times or at times not so random in life] to and from the friend, the mother, the father, the sister, the brother, the other and some. Life is not life, rather, a figment of your imagination that only you yourself can control. No one but you can see it, no one but you can control it, no one but you can start it, no one but you can end it. What you live and what you feel is surreal. Open your eyes.

I may not be right. Hell, I may be the farthest from right anyone has ever gone. But such knowledge, such understanding and such thought is so empowering ... beyond empowering ... that only time can tell where it will lead.

I just found out there's no such thing as the real world, just a lie you've got to rise above.