A little more of this, a lettle less of that.

In a state of total oblivion, where left is right and up is down and everything is all around, what is there left to feel? So empty yet so full, calm hearts and racing minds. Life is a blur of people, laughing, shouting, jumping, swaying to the music. A spark here, a trail there, wanderers follow suit. Is it an illusion, a state of mind? The night is hazy but the stars shine bright. A breeze blows through and the trail is lost, only to be replaced by three more. A sensation, a feeling, nothing and everything. Confusion so profound that even Einsten wouldn't be able to figure it out. Just let it go, live on, live on. Why worry? The night is young and the people are carefree. The trees begin to move closer, the moon smiles and the stars wink at me. The couple at my right [or is it my left?] are so engrossed in each other that they cannot see it. I laugh, it's nothing unusual. Continue to feel the steady beating of my heart as it goes boom boom, like the rythmic beating of a drum. I shut my eyes and darkness encloses me. I accept it like a long lost friend and say, Welcome back to my world.

This life I live is deadly.

Ps. I have the most amazing friends in the world.