I will do anything it takes.

Have I ever told you? I would die to be
the perfect girl.

Resist temptation in all shapes and sizes, fight the cries of desperation at all costs. Determination and willpower of the mind, saying I will not give in, I will not, I will not. Nothing can get in the way of a man with a set mind, whose eyes are focussed only at what lies ahead of him. Do not fight with him, for he will conquer, he will destroy. Do not tempt him, for he will plow on forward until he reaches the end. Do not do so much as raise a finger or take a breath, for it is a waste of energy, time and effort - he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. So wage the war and win the battle, there is nothing worth losing and everything worth gaining. Power and control to the infinite amount, fight on, fight on.

I am invincible.