Live, laugh and love life.

A touch of serenity mixed with an abundance of radiance. A few drops of bliss, a dash of fulfillment, finish it off with a handful of aliveness - ah, alas, the perfect concoction.

Running through the fields barefeet, the wind running its fingers through my hair, the sun smiling down upon all of earth's small wonders - I have never known such ecstasy. I ran till I could run no more, collapsing in a clearing with grass as green as emarld and throwing my head back to drink in the sun's rays. Time seemed to stand still as I lay in [what I can only describe as] a meadow, my dress ruffled and my hair tousled [but I didn't seem to care]. A light breeze picked up a leaf, placing it in my hands. I sat up slowly, my shadow slowly creeping up and casting darkness over the fragile thing. Nature's miracles. A butterfly, its colours splattered on its wings like a mad artist thrashing paint on a canvas, landed on my shoulder. Orange, red, yellow, black, everything and more. It fluttered [or maybe it quivered slightly, I couldn't tell], and flew off as quickly as it came. Jumping up, trying to catch the butterfly that was already so high in the sky, I pranced and frolicked around the field [spontaneously cartwheeling at times, my inner child escaping from within me].

I don't know exactly how long I stayed there for. A couple hours, a few hours, the entire afternoon ... all I know is that I watched the sun as it set over the trees, casting it's last bit of sunshine across the field. I embraced the night with a smile on my face as it came, watching as each star popped out one by one by one, lights going off in the sky, so far yet so near.

I'm living the high life.