In the corner of your heart.

A fever you can't sweat out. It's only you and I in this world, you gave it to me, you gave it all to me. I thought it to be good, a time back then so long, long ago. But then again, I thought the world was good, I thought it all to be good. It is not stupidity nor is it naiveness, it is more ignorance than anything else, more ignorance than the both of us can handle. I push you and you push me back, we laugh, we cry, we enjoy and we die inside. You come, I go, we part and don't look back. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? You told me that was it, I couldn't go wrong. I wander aimlessly with no sense of direction, no sense of time, no sense of who I am, where I am going, who I was, or what I am to become. It is terrible, oh, it really is. But you are happy and that makes one of us, so share the joy and spread the happiness. I have already said too much. I should take it back, take it all back, but then it will never be, no more. I want to eat my words and spit them out at you, I want to make you look into my eyes and tell me the truth. I want you to know, to feel, to be me and to understand. But I cannot, I cannot. I chew and chew and it is tasteless, bland and tasteless, just like my life. Just like me.

I can't say I didn't try. I can't say that I didn't play my part, I can't say that I didn't do what I thought was right. But I also can't say that I did everything the way it was supposed to be done, because I know I didn't. Tossed off and trampled on, again and again and again, life is what we love, live, laugh, lie. It's done, gone and flown away into the sky, such a bittersweet memory that it pains to bring it up, but the thoughts cannot be pushed aside. Live and let live, no more regrets, no more wrong moves, no more. I tried, I failed, I cry, I pick myself back up, life goes on and on and on. It's time I move on with that life, catch the next train that passes through. It my be my last chance. So go, go and get it, because I know you can.

Ps. This is our hell, stay forever, forever.