Second chances.

I'm sick of second chances. Cigarettes turn to ashes as I'm standing under street signs to know the places I've been my whole life. I watch the hours pass us, another one burns to ashes. I'm waiting for your phone call to come and save me so you can break my fall. I will stand outside and wait for you to come find me, I will keep on my light by my bed 'till you get home, and I won't sleep tonight 'till you get home. My bed light's burning brighter, boiled like a boxed in fighter. You've got me fighting pillows, my eyes just won't close 'till you're at my side. The hours slip to morning, I see the sun coming up. I'm turning off the TV, I'm watching faster than you gave up on me. I got your letters that you sent to me. It feel likes summer, but you're far away from me when I need you here.