There's nothing like freedom and love.

I am a puzzle scattered on the ground. He picks up the pieces and puts me back together, I am whole and it feels wonderful. He turns to you and says, "You give love a bad name." It is true, it is true. Undeniably, truthfully, true.

I want to be where the lights are, where the lights shine in the day and shine even brighter at night. I want to feel alive, to soak up the hustle and bustle as people rush by me, going on their way to pick up their child, to go home to their family, their wife, their husband, their everything, to get to work, to catch the bus, to go, to go. It never stops, I never stop, my heart beats faster, I hold on tighter. A little girl in a big world, it takes everything to stop me from following and going along. I want to be different, I want to be special, I want to be me. And if it weren't for the sparkle in his blue eyes, I know that I'd be gone, so long, long ago.

It comes at you fast, faster than you can ever imagine. Take it or leave it, it's up to you. I know I've made my choice, and I know that I will never regret it, never ever. I've regretted so much in the past that I vow to regret no more, I've had enough of my shares. Take a stand, make a choice, it is done, everything is done. Thank you.

Ps. A stress you can't shake, every little bit is worth it.